Come build our next LEGO SHOW!

SEE MORE INFO at www.brickfete.com

LEGO fun for the whole family.  Train, Town, Castle, Space, Art and Sculpture all made with LEGO!  

Kids can build something with our brick and display it. 

Don't forget to enter our "Design a Minifigure Contest" when you are there.  

Proceeds from this event (and all other OBB events) go to purchase LEGO sets given to local Firefighters collecting for the Holiday Toy Drive.


Any questions or comments?
Contact – ontariobrickbuilders@gmail.com

 *To say thank you to our Military, all Veterans have free entry.






OBB is an informal group of adult LEGO® hobbyists from Ontario, Canada who join together to display their own individual custom models as well as collaborative group models.  Our goal is promote our revered hobby to new potential fans. We enjoy the act displaying our creations and the rapport of sharing our common interests with out peers. We sponsor www.brickfete.com; an annual LEGO Convention and Expo and we display in smaller venues as well.

OBB works closely with the local LUGs to share knowledge. We send invites for events and displays but we do not host monthly meetings (as our members are encouraged to go to their own local clubs). However OBB members do not have to be members of a local LUG if they choose not to be. Many member tend to be from (but are not limited to) rtlToronto, ParLUGment, JLUG, WhaCKOLuG, and what we lovingly refer to, as the “LUG-LESS”.

Our club goals are simple.  

  1. To offer any AFOL, regardless of skill level or size of collection, a place to display their creations.
  2. To promote our revered hobby to new potential fans.  
  3. Meet as a group a few times a year not only for the enjoyment of displaying but for the rapport of sharing our common interests.

We are a not for profit organization and any funds needed are donated by members on the fly for actually occurring moment to moment costs, therefore we have no official treasurer or secretary.  There is a $1 yearly membership fee and an expectation for our members to participate with us minimally twice a year, including Brickfete. 

This group was originally founded by Allan Bedford in 2003 and went by the name of CANBricks and was handed off to Janey and Dave in 2005.  For more information or to join us in a public display please feel free to contact us.


We are for hire!  3 options to choose from, or pick all 3.  LEGO will make your next event memorable and fun for the whole family. 

LEGO Displays -  High quality extremely detailed creations made by our members spanning nearly every theme of the LEGO line, past and present, as well as very creative and individual themes that are fan created. If you would like us to display for your event or function, feel free to contact us for a quote and/or more info.  Price depends on length of show in days and hours that the display will be open.  Due to the amount of set up and tear down, we are sorry but we no longer do one day displays. 

LEGO & Duplo "Play Experience" - Building Tent for outdoor or indoor functions.  We provide enough Duplo for toddlers (1 - 4 years old), and LEGO for children (4 and up) for an entire events worth of children.  Children love this hands on experience and by far it is the most affordable option for events. Rates based on hours that the play tent will be open. 

Live Event Builds - Company Logos, Business promotions, Mosaics or Sculptures created on site as entertainment for your next event, or a cooperative build with your guests.  YOur next event, when LEGO is featured, is an event they will remember for a lifetime.  Price varies due to design complexity and number of involved guests.  Three month lead time is needed to request this option.  

Enjoy our photo feed from Flickr or join our Facebook page.

Organizers - Janey Red Brick & David Koudys
Location – Ontario, Canada


We are continually on the search for builders to participate with us, so if you have any interest, please feel free to contact us. For our displays, any skill level, theme and any size model is both appreciated and encouraged.